Lucy Lawless

Lucille Francis Ryan
March 29th 1968, Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand icon Lucy Lawless, singer, mother,  a star, she is most famously known for her role as Xena the Warrior Princess. Lucy is also married to producer Robert Tapert and resides in New Zealand. She is known all over the world by her work in art, like;  Xena Warrior Pricess, Spartacus, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Battlestar, Parks and Recreation, Badtime Stories, Chicago Musical...
 "I don't even consider myself usually. Soccer mom, that's what I consider myself. Yeah, I think I'm a funny person. I started out in comedy. You know I remember the moment I realized the value of comedy is when I was eight years old and I was sitting in class and I realized that if I just acted really stupid, I could get away with a lot of stuff. And it would diffuse a lot of tension and the teachers would focus on you. I just found out the value of being a funny dunce at times.
I don't take business seriously, I take acting seriously. I take my job really seriously, but a lot of the job is not about acting, but I don't take business seriously." 

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